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Jeffrey Witter

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Duplicate Rounds
$5 buy in each week. Payout details in the description.
League is welcoming to all skill levels! C Pool is a beginner friendly division.
League offers a female only division. Some females choose to compete in the C pool.
Port-A-Jon on site. Provided by Lincoln Parks and Recreation.
Optional participation. Tracked by individual cards.

• A, B, C Pool and Ladies Only divisions
• A Pool (Recommended Pro/Adv): $10, top 45% pay out ($8 pay out, $2 paid to club)
• B Pool (Recommended Int/Age Div): $7, top 45% pay out ($5 pay out, $2 paid to club)
• C Pool (Rec/Nov/Age Div): $5, top 45% pay out ($3 pay out, $2 paid to club)
• Female Pool (Ladies Only): $5, top 45% pay out ($3 pay out, $2 paid to club)

• Minimum of 3 league competitors per card. If a competitor doesn’t have a card, check in between 4:30-6pm each week to join one!

• Win 3 league nights, must move up to next pool. If player does not cash in next 3 league nights member participates in, may move back to previous pool.

• Ace Pot
• $5 buy in
• Rolling Ace Pot with $500 cap.
• When cap is reached, $500 cap plus that days Ace Pot buy in is paid out if ace is made (ex: $500 start, $100 that day=$600 pay out)
• If no ace is made, that nights Ace Pot buy in will start a new $500 Ace Pot
• This formula continues on all subsequent Thursday nights until $500+day of league is paid out
• This means there could be multiple $500 pots during a season held in a que
• Any Ace Pot funds remaining at the end of the season, will host a final big stakes league night, if no ace is made, money will be split amongst pools for payouts; pro-rated according to number of competitors in each pool
• Ace Pot pay out
• Must have paid into Ace Pot
• LFDC member=100% pay out with 10% to card mates
• Non LFDC member=50% pay out with 10% to card mates
• Show me the money!
• 3 ways to get paid! (place in top 45% of pool, hit an ace, card mate of an ace)

• Will promote 4:30-6pm grouping to entice players to meet up for comradery and fun
• Flex start @ 4:30pm-6pm. Last card to be determined by sunset as the season progresses
• Will alternate between Roper West and Roper East each week.
• UDisc will be the official method for scoring

• LFDC has created a site for league registration. URL is:
• All payouts will be executed monthly