Navigating the LFDC Website Updates: “Club Cash” and More

The updated LFDC website is here! It’s chock full of new features. By reading this post, you should have a good idea of how they all work!

League Entry/Club Cash

The most exciting new feature is our “Club Cash” addition to our league entry functionality. When checking out, you can now click “Use Club Cash” or “Pay Now”.

Clicking “Pay Now” works exactly as before, adding a product to the cart, and taking you through the standard checkout process.

Clicking “Use Club Cash” will give you the opportunity to add any amount of Club Cash alongside the League Entry product. This amount is added to your Club Cash Balance (associated with your user account).

Once you’ve added some Club Cash, the next time you check out and click “Use Club Cash”, you can use that balance to pay for your league fees. This will happen immediately, and not require an additional transaction – and importantly, no associated transaction fees.